Our mission at Lil’ City Farms is to foster social and environmental change through the growth and production of local food; to assist and empower people to start growing their own food, even in their own backyard. The need to quickly move away from our current energy intensive, socially inequitable, and environmentally destructive food chain supply while getting back to the basics is real and it has to be done now to protect our future generations.

Lil’ City Farms is currently a peri-urban farm operating on less than an acre of land using modern regenerative growing methods and extensive generational knowledge. We have a never ever policy when it comes to herbicides, pesticides, and/or chemical fertilizers. Because of these holistic practices, we are able to reconnect with the earth, soil, and our crops not only on the farm, but within the community as well.

In the future, our plan is to become a multi-locational farm, which will allow us to support the increasing food demands of our ever-growing communities. We plan to include poultry, small livestock, and fruit tree systems. We are truly looking forward to watching our first season on the farm unfold in the coming months here in sunny Colorado.